The Fifty Thousand Jews who came out of Babylon to rebuild the Temple were not just rebuilding a Temple they were establishing a Nation.  The decree given by Cyrus in 457BC gave them the legal right to establish a Nation independent from Babylon.  While they were still in Babylonian Captivity they gathered 120 elders together in prepartion for the establishing of this Nation forming a Governmental Body referred to as the Great Assembly.

They did re-establish the Levitical Priesthood at that time and that was God’s intent, however, it was only a temporary fix until the Lamb of God arrived on the scene as the Sacrificial Lamb to establish the Melchizedek Priesthood.

God was not interested in rebuilding the Temple just to restore it back to its former Glory. Those who were being used to re-establish the Nation of Israel at that time were unknowingly preparing the way of the Lord.

When the Prophet Haggai referred to this House he was not referring to the Rebuilt Temple per say he was referring to the Temple in Jerusalem in general.  There is only one Temple. The Jews that came out of Babylon did not build a different Temple in a different location they actually used the burnt stones from Solomon’s Temple to rebuild the original Temple.   

The 12 Aposltes and the Jerusalem Church met daily in the Temple (Acts 2:46) and if the Jews in Judah would have received the 12 Apostles of the Lamb and the 120 from the Upper Room (Great Assembly) as their Covering then the Glory of that Rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem would have had a greater degree of Glory then Solomon’s Temple.  

If they would have made the transition then the Temple would not have been destroyed and a Million Jews would not have been slaughtered. Jesus would have established his Kingdom at that time taking us into the Day of the Lord. However, the Jews refused to come under Jesus Wings (12 Apostles) and that rebuilt Temple was destroyed in the same manner that Solomon’s Temple had been destroyed in the past. 

But you can rest assured that Haggai’s Prophecy in relationship to the Glory of the Latter House will be fulfilled.  God is watching over that Word to see that it is fulfilled.  That Temple will be rebuilt on the very site that Solomon’s Temple was built in Natural Jerusalem. Ezekiel give us a description of the rebuilding of that Temple which I believe will be built during the Millennium. The Natural City of Jerusalem will become the very Center of Spiritual Jerusalem joining Heaven to earth.

Jerusalem will be the Governmental Center in relationship to the 12 Gates or Gateway Cities scattered throughout the earth.  Six of those Gates or Major Ports will be San Francisco the Golden Gate, Shanghai China, Cairo Egypt, Cape Town South Africa, Sydney Australia and Jerusalem in Israel.   

God has 12 Last Days Apostles of the Lion who have been in God’s caves of preparation who are the Messengers at the entrance to these 12 Gates or Major Ports which will become Cities of Refuge. These 12 Last Days Governmental Apostles and 120 elders who will make up the Great Assemble will be the Covering of this rebuilt Temple and the Church in Jerusalem.  Unlike the Jews in Jesus Day there will be a remnant of Jews who will come under this Spiritual Covering.   They will come under Jesus Wings.

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  2 Chronicles 4:2

 ‘”The Molten Sea was a large basin made of bronze. It was 5 cubits (7.5 feet) high and 10 cubits (15 feet) in diameter at the brim. The sea holds 3,000 baths (about 17,500 gallons) of water. The brim was made like the brim of a cup. Under the brim, it was decorated with two rows of 300 gourds. This great sea rested on the backs of twelve bronze oxen which, in groups of three, faced the north, south, east and west. The very purpose of this great sea was for the priests to wash themselves before entering into the Temple”.

The Twelve Oxen who hold up the Laver or Molten Sea in Solomon’s Temple are an Old Testament type of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb.

In relationship to the “First Corporate Witness” the “First Olive Tree” at the beginning of the Church Age  we have Jesus the Choice Vine and the Twelve Apostles of the Lamb who were the First Twelve Branches to be joined to Jesus the Natural Olive Tree (Vine growing out of the stump of Jesse).

 2 Chronicles 9:17-19

 “Moreover the king made a great throne of ivory, and overlaid it with pure gold. 18 The throne had six steps, with a footstool of gold, which were fastened to the throne; there were armrests on either side of the place of the seat, and two lions stood beside the armrests. 19 Twelve lions stood there, one on each side of the six steps; nothing like this had been made for any other kingdom.”

 The Twelve Lions on the Six Steps that Lead to the Throne in Solomon’s Temple are a type of the 12 Last Days Apostles of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. 

These 12 Last Days Governmental Apostles are the 12 Messengers to the 12 Gates of the Holy City (Kingdom).   There are Twelve Major Ports or Gates that are going to become places of refuge in this hour as this Age is coming to an end.  There will be an Open Heaven over these 12 Cities.   

These 12 Cities will become Apostolic Hubs and there will be many Cities surrounding these 12 Governmental Centers that will be joined to these Apostolic Hubs.  A Wheel (Hub) within a Wheel if you would.  The Wheel or Cities Surround these Major Hubs will produce a Ring of Fire.  Six of these Cities are San Francisco which is the Golden Gate, Shanghai China, Cairo Egypt, Cape Town South Africa, Sydney Australia and eventually Jerusalem in Israel.

We see a similar pattern forming here in relationship to the “Second Corporate Witness” the “Second Olive Tree” after Jesus the Choice Vine extended a Branch toward the Gentiles with Jesus the Choice Vine and the Twelve Apostles of the Lion forming the Second Corporate Witness the Second Olive Tree at the end of the Church Age.  One Trunk but two distinctive Olive Trees. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit (Rev 22:2).

These are the “Two Corporate Witnesses” the “Two Shoulders” of the Corporate Body the “Two Corporate Cherubim.”  The First Corporate Witness who are in Heaven referred to as a Cloud of Witnesses and a Second Corporate Witness on the earth.  And the Throne of God will be established between these Two Corporate Witnesses (Cherubim) joining Heaven to earth. 

The interchange in the realm of the Spirit in the very near future between these Two Companies of People is referred to as Mahanaim the Dancing of the Two Companies (Armies).  These Two Companies will be dancing together with the King.  This is also referred to as Jacob’s ladder.

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The Word Cherith in relationship to the Brook Cherith where Elijah was sent by God to be protected and fed by the Ravens means “To Cut” in relationship to Cutting a Covenant.

The New Covenant has to do with the Circumcision of the Heart with the Cutting Away of the Flesh (Carnal Ideas) where the laws of God are written on Men’s Hearts. 

God has those (Spiritual Fathers) in this hour with Godly Understanding and Godly Wisdom who will be used by God to help establish a Covenant with Many.  They will be used by God to Cut Away the Fleshly Carnal Ideas (Idols) that are ruling over the Hearts of Men.  God’s people are in need of a New Heart.  Their New Spirit Man needs to be fed. Christ must be formed in them.

These faithful Prophet/Apostles of God are God’s Messengers who will be used by God to remove the Tares from God’s Garden (Men’s’ Soul).  No Flesh (Carnality) will enter the Kingdom of God.  These are God’s Cherub and they are standing at the entrance to the Garden of Eden (Kingdom) swinging a Flaming Sword.

It is time for the Elijah Company or the Jonah Company if you would who have been running away from their Calling who are beginning to experience a Spiritual Resurrection to meet at the Brook Cherith where they will come into a Covenant Relationship with God and with each other as one Nation Under God.  This Kingdom Nation is a Family (Ecclesia) with true Spiritual Fathers who will be about their Father’s Business.   

We as believers are the many Abodes that make up the Father’s House, however, the Father will not come in the fullness of the Spirit to make us as believers his Permanent Habitation (John 14:23) until we are Married to our Marriage Vows (New Covenant/Christ).  Then we will become one with Jesus and the Father. In that Day the House of David will be like God.  One LIKE the Son of Man.

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I find it interesting that there are so many believers in this hour who believe that they have free access to the Father and yet the Heavens are like brass.  The truth of the matter is that many believers in this hour are like dead dried up branches on the vine who are about to be cut off.

It is true that as believers we have access to the Throne of Grace IF we continue to abide in the vine. God does not enable (grace) people to do their own thing.  Jesus enables (grace) people to do the will of the Father.

Jesus is the mediator between God and Man and if you as a believer stop listening to him eventually he will stop listening to you. The Heavens will be like brass and your prayers will not ascend to the Throne of God. You will find yourself laboring in vain.

If you refuse to know God then God will not receive you as his priests. In that day Jesus will say to you depart from me you workers of Iniquity (lawless ones) you do not know me and I do not know or acknowledge you.   We do not have an intimate relationship because you are refusing to know me. Eternal Life the life of the Father which is our Inheritance has to do with knowing God.

God’s people are perishing in this hour because they are refusing to know God. They are independent rebels doing the works of God in the Name of Jesus independent from Christ.

God hates Luke Warm Christianity, however, if you have Zeal like the Zealots of Jesus day who had Zeal without knowledge you will find yourself being an enemy of Christ. The carnal mind is at enmity with God.  Judas Iscariot was a Zealot who listened to Jesus but he did not believe Jesus. He didn’t have eyes to see and ears to hear. 

The Judaizers who were believing Jews who also had Zeal without Knowledge and Understanding were a thorn in the Apostle Paul’s flesh. The true Apostles in this hour have many similar thorns in their flesh.

We are in need of a true Revolution in this hour but the last thing we need is another rebellion. The last thing we need is a bunch of young people with Zeal who do not know God and the ways of God.

There are thousands of young people in this hour in prayer rooms who have Zeal who do not know God.  Their leaders who are refusing to know God are running them ragged and eventually they will become worn out and disillusioned and many of them will eventually stop serving God feeling like this whole thing has been nothing but a sham.  This is a travesty. God help those who are defiling these Little Ones who are hungry for God. These prayer rooms have become prison camps.   The Carnal Mind keeps people earth bound.

Jesus was a true Revolutionary in his day but he was not a rebel.  Jesus knew the Father and he went about doing the will of the Father.  Jesus was about his Father’s Business. He and the Father are one. What is needed in this hour are true Spiritual Fathers who know God.  You have had many Instructors but no true Spiritual Fathers.  The Life of the Father is reserved until the end of the age.  The true Fathers in this hour have been hidden in God’s Cave of Preparation being fathered by God. They were not called to Minister during the Church Age. They are not of this Age (World) they have been being prepared for the Age (World) to come. The good news is these Hidden Lions are beginning to come out of Hiding.

The Apostle Paul spent 14 years in the Arabian Desert being fathered by God before he was sent out by God to Father others. The Apostle Paul was a true Father.  Everything that the Father taught Paul he made known to others. Paul begot others by the Word.  The Revealed Word of God. That which was born from above.

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When people receive Jesus Christ as their savior their Spirit Man is awakened.  Their Spirit which is the Candle of God is re-light or reborn.

Until that happens Man is more or less an Animal (Carnal).  They are earth bound.  It is with Man’s Spirit that Man communicates with God.  That is why an unbeliever is unable to receiving the things of God.  Their Spirit Man is asleep.  They are the walking dead.

A Man must be born again. His Spirit must be awakened otherwise he remains carnal (asleep).  Animals who have a Soul but who do not have a Spirit are not able to communicate and fellowship with God.  Animals are not made in the image and likeness of God.

It is through Man’s Soul that he relates to the Natural Realm so the Soul of Man has a very important role to play in relationship to the Earth and the Natural Realm.  However, a Man’s Soul must be sanctified by the Washing of the Water of the Revealed Word of God (Incorruptible Seed) through his New Spirit Man. His Spirit must rule over his Carnal Soul.

The Soul that continues to operate independent from God remains Carnal and Soulish and that Man is not much different than the unbeliever and the Animals (Beastly). Most believers need to have their Spirit Man (Hearts) re-awakened in this hour.    They have fallen back asleep.  We are in need of a Great Awakening.

The Carnal Soul of the believer cannot receive the things of God.  It is through the New Spirit Man that the believer is able to communicate and fellowship with God.  God will not fellowship with our Carnal Soul.  The Carnal Soul is at enmity with God.

That is why the New Spirit Man must be fed by the revealed word of God that is birthed and born from above.  There are way to many Carnal Leaders who are feeding God’s flock in this hour. The leaders are baby sitting and appeasing the Carnal Souls of believers.  People need to learn to love the truth. Chirst must be formed in them.

Christ in most believers in this hour is like a baby.  Their New Spirit Man is weak and emaciated and their Carnal Soul is like a raging beast.  The Carnal Souls of most believers is ruling over their New Spirit Man.

The Man Centered Gospel that is being preached in this hour is making the Word of God of no effect in the lives of Millions of Christians.  The Wisdom of this World is devilish in Nature. The Church at Large has been having an affair with the World and most Christians are not much different than those in the World. They are Carnal which is keeping them earth bound.

We must be led by the Spirit of God.  Those who are being led by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God.  Those who are being led by the Spirit of God are no longer under the Law.

God enables (grace) those who are being led by the Spirit of God to do the will of the Father.  God does not enable (grace) us to do our own thing.  The believers New Spirit must be taught and fed by the Holy Spirit in them causing them to grow up into Christ where Christ is formed in them.  The Apostle Paul labored that Christ might be formed in others.

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Job 41
“He who takes up the sword against Leviathan will regret it. If you lay a hand on him, you will remember the struggle and never do it again!”

The only thing that can overcome the Spirit of Leviathan is that which has a greater drawing power then the drawing power of the Spirit of Leviathan. The Spirit or Love of the Father.

Carnal Men doing works in the name of God independent from God (Works of the Flesh) have gained much of their strength from that Spirit of Leviathan. Jesus refers to those who are doing good works in his name but independent from him as “Workers of Iniquity” (Lawless Ones). There is no substitute for obedience. That is why it is referred to as the knowledge of the tree of “Good” and Evil.

Elijah was not able to overcome Jezebel. Those operating with the Spirit of Elijah (Early Rain) in this hour will not overcome that Spirit of Jezebel (Leviathan). They must make a transition. It was Elisha (Latter Rain/Kingly Anointing) who was able to overcome Jezebel. And it is the Love of the Father in this hour that will disarm the fear that is causing many in this hour to operate with that controlling Spirit of Jezebel. Many Homosexuals who have been searching for the love of a Father in all of the wrong places will be drawn to the Love of God the Father. They will be transformed by the Love of the Father becoming New Men and Women (A New Divine Nature).).

The current Civil War in the Church in this hour is not between those who are “Doing the will of the Father” and those who are not. It is between the different factions in the Church who believe that they are righteous who are doing good works independent from Christ. And many of these Workers of Iniquity have gained much of their strength from the Spirit of Leviathan. David never raised his hand against Saul. And a Man of War will not be used by God in this hour to finish building the Spiritual Temple of the Lord (Ecclesia/Living Stones).

The faithful remnant who will gather in San Francisco in this hour will not be Men of War. However, they will become “Messenger of Fire” (Glory of the Father). They will not be against the Moslems, Buddhists, Jews, Homosexuals, or even Carnal Christians in the city. When the King of Kings (Jesus) comes in the Spirit through the Golden Gate of San Francisco he will not come to take sides. He will come to take over”.

“Not By Might, Nor By Power, But By My Spirit (Love of the Father)”, Says The Lord (Zech. 4:6)

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Matthew 24:7

“For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.”

Lightning is like pin point light. It starts out in one place and strikes in another. And when that happens generally speaking the rest of the sky is very dark. We see this same principle in relationship to the scripture in Isaiah where it says that darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people but the Lord shall arise on you and his Glory shall be seen upon you (First Resurrection). There is another scripture in Amos where is says that It will rain (Latter Rain) in one city but not in another. These scriptures are prophetic in relationship to what is transpiring in this hour in relationship to Christ Coming as the Latter Rain.

What we have been witnessing in this hour in relationship to the Peaceful Revolution in Egypt is “Lightning Coming out of the East (Cairo Egypt) and very soon it will Flash or Manifest in the West (San Francisco).” There are twelve Spiritual Gates so San Francisco is not the only gate, however, San Francisco is the gate the Golden Gate through which the Spirit of Christ will enter in this hour ushering in the final move of God to this nation (America).

Jesus is no longer looking for a place to visit (revival). In this hour he and the Father are preparing a place to inhabit. A Permanente Habitation built out of living Stones (The Little Flock).

I believe that the Movie entitled “The Book of Eli” is prophetic for this hour. There is a great deal of violence in this movie so it may not be suitable for children, however, I do believe that it is prophetic. We see in the movie where all hell breaks loose in an attempt to keep Eli from taking the Word to San Francisco.

Satan has built a literal stronghold around that city sealing up that Golden Gate, however, Satan is no match for the King when he comes like a flash of lightning from the east to enter through that Golden Gate in the West. Satan’s arms are way to short to box with God. I also believe that the World Series between the Giants and the Rangers (The Law/Pentecost) in 2011 was prophetic. The San Francisco Giants were a definite underdog. A bunch of no bodies (Misfits). And the slogan that they came up with in relationship to “Fearing the Beard” has to do with Governments and the coming Fear of the Lord that is coming to the City of San Francisco.

It is also interesting that the recent Explosions and Massive Fires in South San Francisco (San Bruno) paralleled the Fires on Mount Carmel in Israel. The Cloud of God’s Glory (Fire) will settle on the City of San Francisco. San Francisco will become one of God’s Crown Jewels. San Francisco will be a Shining City on a Hill. And there will be another “Jesus Movement”. however, it will not be a permissive move of God as we saw in the past. In that Day (Day of the Lord) it will be better for Sodom and Gomorrah (San Francisco) then it will be for you.

And we will see the vary same thing happen in relationship to what we are about to witness in San Francisco in the very near future (Fall 2014) where the Spirit of Christ will come through the Golden Gate in the City of Jerusalem in the middle east. From the Golden Gate in San Francisco California to the Golden Gate in Jerusalem (Israel).

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